Accidents, illnesses and other emergencies happen every day. When you are travelling and away from your usual medical and informational resources, even minor incidents can escalate in intensity.

One of our many valued partners is the Chubb Group of Insurance Companies. Chubb offers a Travel Accident Policy that provides comprehensive coverage 24/7/365 no matter where you travel, for business or pleasure. It is an actual annual policy, so you don’t have to call every time you travel – you simply pack up and go. As long as you continue to renew the policy, you will enjoy uninterrupted coverage.

Some of the highlights of the policy are:
• Medical evacuation and repatriation $250,000
• Excess medical expense coverage $100,000
• Political evacuation $100,000
• Felonious assault $100,000
• Trip delay coverage $500 per day, up to 3 days
• Baggage delay coverage $500 per day, up to 3 days
• Travel assistance services
• Lost documents
• Rebooking
• Translation
• Medical or legal referrals
• Trip risk intelligence portal
• A travel security website providing insight into global hotspots, local customs, etc.
• Golf package is available
• Trip cancellation / Interruption / Event ticket protection is available

You can travel confidently knowing that if injury, illness or another unfortunate situation interferes with your trip, there is a comprehensive plan in place to provide you solutions to deal with some of travel’s many “what ifs”.

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