For Better, For Worse: 5 Ways to Comprehensively Insure Weddings


In 2017, vendor issues accounted for 40% of wedding-related claims—more than any other type of claim in the market, according to Travelers. Please read the following article by Will Jones of Independent Agent and excerpts from our very own, Holly Casper to learn why it's so important you are covered for your big day:

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Protecting What's Important

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We understand that your treasures reflect your personal journey. That's why we look for ways to say yes and to do more - to help you protect your artwork, jewelry, wine, antiques, and more - so your special items will last a lifetime and beyond. 

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Central Offers New Claim Payment Options!

CentralIn response to requests from our agents, insureds, and claimants, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Paysurance by Enservio to offer Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), debit card, and instant issue card payment options for claims. These options are in addition to our traditional process of issuing a paper check.

These new options offer faster access to funds, the security of FDIC insurance, data security and privacy, and protection against fraud, not to mention ease of use for our customers!

EFT deposits funds directly into an individual’s bank account – just an e-mail address and a bank account number are required. Central will generate an e-mail indicating the amount and details of the transaction, as well as a unique reference number. A separate e-mail is sent by Paysurance with a link to the payment redemption platform. The insured or claimant enters their last name, the unique reference number provided by Central, and their zip code to access the redemption platform system. From the redemption system, they simply input their bank routing number and account number to receive the funds directly into their bank account.

Debit Cards allow for spending at all points of sale, cash access at ATMs, and the ability to transfer funds to a bank account. If this payment process is chosen, a personalized debit card will be generated and mailed to the customer. After a quick activation process, the card will be ready to use wherever MasterCard® is accepted. Cardholders can access their balance and transaction history at any time online. Debit cards are reloadable for supplemental claim payments.

Instant Issue Cards can be issued in the field. For example, if an insured suffers a house fire loss, the field claim representative can activate a card as a claim advance so the insured can purchase food and clothing or make a hotel reservation. There’s no waiting in line at the bank to cash a check! The instant issue card can be immediately activated with funds available to spend and reloaded for supplemental claim payments.

Both the debit cards and instant issue cards are customized and branded with Central’s name and logo.

Central will not store any banking information from anyone receiving electronic payments. Paysurance will handle all of the personal transactions and offers a customer service support center.

Central is pleased to offer the security and convenience of these new options to our customers. It’s just one more example of how we make it as easy as possible to do business with us!

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