In February 1986, Mike went to work for Schiff, Kreidler-Shell, which is where he first met Alvin Roehr. Over the years at SKS, he became VP of IT/Office Manager. As a Manager, he was able to be part of the Leadership Team, with Alvin. "It was during that time that I witnessed his passion, enthusiasm, and success. I felt that if he were ever to run his own company, that he was the type of leader that I wanted to follow. "In October of 2009, after twenty-three years at SKS and almost thirty years in the IT field, Mike decided to move on and change his career path. Then in December 2011 while working for Ricoh Corporation, Alvin called and asked Mike to join in starting his own independent insurance agency. It was without any hesitation that Mike accepted Alvin's offer on the spot, because of what he had learned of him years before. Alvin and Mike have now been working together twenty-eight years and counting!

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