Sandi began her insurance career in January of 1976 working in a 2-person shop in Oberlin, Ohio, Hill-Hammond Insurance. She handled everything from making coffee to personal accounts, to commercial accounts, to life insurance to bookkeeping. She became a licensed agent in March of 1977. While working at HHI, she was a member, and was ultimately named, President of the Insurance Women of Lorain County. She was twice voted “Insurance Woman of the Year” by the IWLC. She also served on the board of The Independent Insurance Agents of Lorain County. She worked at HHI until 1984, at which time she went to work for Westfield Insurance Companies in Medina, Ohio. A year later, she was recruited by a large agency in Elyria, Ohio, Hovey-Kaiser-St. Marie Agency, to serve as their Personal Lines / Life & Health Manager. She was again named to the IIALC board in 1990. She worked at HKS until 1993 when she left to take a part-time position at the Prosecutor’s Office in Oberlin, and remained as Secretary to the IIALC board. In 1995, she returned to insurance to work for a former HKS agent in Lorain, Ohio, John Emerich of Aros-Emerich Insurance. There she handled both personal and commercial insurance. In 1998, her husband, Dean, was transferred by Cincinnati Insurance Company to the Cincinnati area. Sandi was hired as a Customer Service Representative at Schiff, Kreidler-Shell in downtown Cincinnati. She worked there until 2000 when Dean was transferred back to Lorain County. Back in Elyria, she worked for another former HKS agent, John Ryan of Ryan-St. Marie Insurance as a Commercial Account Manager. In 2003, Dean was recruited by CIC’s home office and they returned to Cincinnati. Sandi was fortunate that there happened to be an opening at SKS and returned to work there. In 2004, she had the great fortune of being assigned to handle Alvin’s personal lines accounts and has proudly worked for him since, leaving SKS with him when he established The Roehr Agency.

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