To provide each Roehr client with the best service and to avoid any gaps in coverage or uninsured losses, we always encourage a proactive approach to existing coverages and potential future protection needs. We do this through regular audits and by staying in touch with clients, asking the right questions, and offering best-practice solutions. Our team is diligent in keeping clients informed of potential coverage issues and new products, as they become available. In addition, we ask clients to partner with us and keep our team informed of change. The result is well-tailored insurance that is a custom-fit for you or your business, without gaps or insufficient coverage.

When to notify us

Below are three things that you should make us aware of to ensure seamless coverage:

1. If you have a claim or think that you may have a claim

2. If you change phone numbers, email or mailing address

3. If you are planning to:

• Purchase, lease, or sell a home, condo, rental or other type of residence
• Renovate, remodel, build any residence or additional structure
• Rent your home to tenants or family members
• Pay off a home mortgage or lease/loan of a vehicle
• Leave your home vacant and substantially empty for more than 30 days
• Hire domestic help working more than 20 hours a week
    - We provide complimentary background checks
    - We provide state-mandated worker’s compensation coverage
• Add, alter, or disconnect fire and/or burglary or other protection system
• Change title to your home (revocable trust, LLC, or other legal entity)
• Purchase any new jewelry, art, antiques or other collectibles
• Transport, ship or move any insured art work
    - We can assist with shippers & transporters
• Purchase, lease, or sell a vehicle
    - Includes motorcycles, ATVs and unregistered vehicles
• Purchase, lease, or sell a boat, jet ski or aircraft
    - No automatic coverage for newly acquired
• Add a new vehicle operator
• Allow someone to drive your vehicle on a regular basis
• Take one of your vehicles outside the US, its territories or Canada
• Rent or borrow a vehicle outside the US, its territories or Canada
    - Additional liability coverage must be procured

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